.alkamel work in the furniture industry and furniture of various kinds for more than 25 years of Damietta Governorate, which is famous worldwide furniture industry

Our slogan and goals are gain the confidence of our customers, hence our companies possess a large number of skilled workers capable of implementation of all the requirements and desires of the client

Methods of using the latest technology in the world to improve our products and satisfy our customers

Our company is characterized by reliance on manufacturing their products natural ores Burner No. 1 does not deal with manufactured raw materials, and all our products are of Romanian beech wood and oak wood and wood “sweed”

We also use Russian and Finnish plywood and veneer natural also like: Loop and Turkish and loans and Albulasdner and Alababongh
Our company specializes in producing all types of products wood
Acetylcholine and the Classic and Modern bedrooms – children – traveling – Salon
Reception – Corner – antiques – Office Furniture and Furniture hotels and Curtain Works
Our company is seeking to expand at home and abroad and to reach the largest number of customers and access to global

Our Clients